What do your Top 5's say about you?

There is nothing more fun than genuinely taking a moment to think about what your Top 5's are. We incorporated a bunch of revolutionary new list making, sharing and exploring features never seen before by partnering with well known providers, making it easy for you to populate your lists...


Who are your favorite artists? What are your Top 5 rock songs? Discover new music or showcase your favorites with My5ive. Powered by Spotify and Apple Music.


Have a favorite Author? What about your Top 5 Fantasy books you've read this year? Create lists and share them with friends. Powered by Amazon and Goodreads.


Want to add your Top 5 Asian restaurants in Manhattan? Or what about your Top 5 happy hour bars in London? Catalog your favorite places and discover new ones with ease. Powered by Foursquare and Google Maps.


Who were the best quarterbacks this season? What teams are likely going to finish in the Top 5? All sports data for Players and Teams across: MLB, NFL, NBA, English Premier League (EPL), PGA and NASCAR. Powered by Sportsdata.io

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"I am obsessed with My5ive because it's not explicitly a dating app, but works like a dating app at the same time."

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This app is so addictive, I can't put it down!

Chris D.

Wow, I honestly think the possibilities of this could be huge - I love it!

Jaclyn W.

At first glance its easy to clump My5ive with other generic list apps - after playing around with it, this could well be the future of Social Networking apps as we know it.

Alex D.


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